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Thread-on Freewheel Integrated Torque Sensor

Thread-on Freewheel Integrated Torque Sensor
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  • Release date:2019/07/12

Thread-on Freewheel Integrated Torque Sensor

With the torque sensor being integrated in the thread-on freewheel base, the sensor requires no specific mounting angle, very convenient for assembly.  it has a 10-pin cable for simple system cable routing. Its simple and reliable structure also makes it easy for mass production, while its low cost ensures its popularity in mass market.

1Working voltage5V
2Working current Idd<23mA
3Measurement range1~85N.m
4ZTV initial origin voltage0.7V+/-0.15V
550Kgf pull force output voltage variation (crank arm length 170mm)2.0V+/-0.15V
7Torque signal output current Itor(note:there’s a 200Ω internal resistance in output circuit)5mA
8Working Temperature-20 - 70

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Note: The product is undergoing national invention patent approval.

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