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BB-integrated Torque Sensor 3.0

BB-integrated Torque Sensor 3.0
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  • Release date:2019/07/12

BB-integrated Torque Sensor 3.0

This type of sensor is based on measurement of BB axle deflection in the left side. With no specific mounting angle required, it features full metal body, high structural strength and compatibility with all types of chain ring and crank arm.

1Working voltage5V
2Working currentIdd<20mA
3ZTV initial origin voltage0.7V+/-0.15V
450Kgf pull force output voltage variation (crank arm length 170mm)2.0V +/-0.15V
5Measurement range1~85N.m
6Torque signal output current Itor 5mA
7Signal pulse of one full forward revolution of BB axle32
8The output pulse duty ratio D50%
9Safety complianceEN14764
10Working temperature-20 - 70℃

Note: 4 standard BB widths are available: 68mm, 73mm, 84mmand100mm, while BB axle length varies at 118mm, 122.5mm, 127.5m and etc.

There are 2 modes of cadence sensing output, one is the dual channel hall signal output; the other is single channel signal output where there’s pulse signal output during forward rotation and no pulse signal output during backward rotation (namely low-level output)


This product is granted national invention patent.

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