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BB-integrated Torque Sensor 2.0

BB-integrated Torque Sensor 2.0
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  • Release date:2019/07/12

BB-integrated Torque Sensor 2.0

This type of sensor is based on measurement of BB axle deflection. With no specific mounting angle required, it can be applied in mid-drive, though the chain ring/crank arm has to be customized. Its dual torque sensing offers 32 pulses of signal per cycle, which ensures signal continuity.

1Working voltage5V
2Working currentIdd<23mA
3ZTV initial origin voltage0.7V+/-0.15V
450Kgf pull force output voltage variation(crank arm length 170mm)2.9V+/-0.15V
5Measurement range1~85N.m
6Torque signal output current Itor (note:1.5kΩand 1uF RC filter output)5mA
7Signal pulse of one full forward revolution ofBB axle32
8The output pulse duty ratio D50%
9Safety complianceEN14764
10Working temperature-20 - 70℃

Note: 4 standard BB widths: 68mm (BB axle length 148mm), 73mm (BB axle length 153mm), 84mm (BB axle length 156mm) and100mm (BB axle length 167mm), while other sizes are customizable.

There are 2 modes of cadence sensing output, one is the dual channel hall signal output; the other is single channel signal output where there’s pulse signal output during forward rotation and no pulse signal output during backward rotation (low-level output)


This product is granted national invention patent.

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