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E-bikes also watch China Exhibition

Release Time:2019-04-23


The new national standard of electric bicycle will come into effect on April 15. The promulgation and implementation of the new national standard policy marks a new era for China's electric bicycle industry, and the China exhibition is the first exhibition after the implementation of the new national standard. New national standard cars and 3C certified cars will be the important points of this exhibition.


Like last year, the electric bicycle is still in Pavilion 5.1, but its "partner" has changed. Last year, it shared a pavilion with motorcycles. This year, it is distributed with cycling equipment. The exhibition area of this year's China International Electric Vehicle and Parts Exhibition is 20,000 m2, which marks the vigorous development of the electric bicycle industry.


With the implementation of the new national standard, besides the change of the whole vehicle, the electric bicycle parts also began to change slowly. Lighter weight and safer is now the focus of more and more attention, so lighter lithium batteries are beginning to be sought after by the outside world; tires, motors and other basic support are also gradually becoming lighter, technological improvement. In this new era of national standards, whether the whole car or accessories companies are struggling for a new future.

The new national standard is a new era, a new journey and a new future for the electric bicycle industry. This year's Pavilion 5.1 is full of expectations and hopes. Whether the products are full of science and technology, people will be overwhelmed with surprises.


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