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Electric bicycle meets the new national standard speed limit and re-maintains riding safety

Release Time:2019-03-29

Nowadays, electric bicycles are widely used as the "last kilometer" of transportation in express delivery, fast food takeout, drinking water delivery and other services. It can be seen that while electric bicycle goes deep into the masses of the people, it is also closely related to a variety of service industries. Many professions have been inseparable from electric bicycle.

However, with the increasing number and speed of electric bicycles, the potential safety hazards are also increasing day by day. Fortunately, the new national standard of electric bicycle has been issued.

Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision of the Implementation of National Standards for Electric Bicycles" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), requiring local public security organs to implement the "Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycles Safety" on April 15 this year.

The opinion points out that the local public security organs should build the registration management system of electric bicycles, check carefully according to the new standards, and strictly prohibit the registration and licensing of vehicles that have not been certified by CCC; for qualified electric bicycles, they should enter the registration management system according to the regulations, register and licensing in time, and upload the comprehensive application platform of national public security traffic management.

After the implementation of the new national standard, will the registration of electric bicycle be carried out immediately? Zhang Hua, officer of Shijiazhuang Traffic Administration, said in an interview with the newspaper: "Licensing management is a trend, which has been implemented in Beijing and other places. When to implement it in our province remains to be promulgated.

According to the new national standard, electric bicycles should have bicycle riding function. The quality of the whole bicycle (including batteries) is prohibited to exceed 55kg. The maximum speed of the bicycle is not more than 25km/h, and the power of the motor is less than 400W.


"The so-called pedal riding function refers to that the electric bicycle must have pedals. When the battery power is exhausted, the bicycle can ride forward." Zhang Hua said that consumers must buy electric bicycles that meet the new standards. The speed limit and weight limit are designed to ensure the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

How to deal with used cars that do not meet the standards? "Opinions" clearly mentioned that for the electric bicycles used before the implementation of the new standards, neither conform to the old standards nor meet the new standards, set a transitional period, and gradually withdraw from the market, so the majority of car owners do not have to worry excessively about the immediate prohibition of vehicles.

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